Should you let your child specialize in one sport?

We asked Aaron Dickson, “Should my child do multiple sports or focus on a single sport?” … check out his response.

Keep in mind the research does present some cautions on specializing.

When it does come time to specialize, two suggestions:

  1. Make sure your child actually WANTS to specialize. Don’t make it YOUR priority.
  2. Create a balanced training program so your child’s body strength and agility develops in a healthy way.

Aaron Dickson is from a coach’s family and has been around sport his whole life. He played hoops in college on a full scholarship (where he met his wife also a full ride hooper) and has been training basketball players for the last 10 years. Aaron is passionate about Jesus, his family, sport and discipleship which is why he started Pursuit Sports, a ministry that invites followers of Jesus (who speak sport at a high level) to disciple athletes through skill training. Pursuit Sports is very simple: we train skills for 30 min and do leadership development for 30 min in order to invest in athletes.